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Newly-engaged Bachelor couple gets real with Refined

One of our guilty pleasures actually takes a break during the fall. We're talking about The Bachelor franchise. But lucky for us, we're getting our fix thanks to a local success story! Seattle gal, Taylor Nolan, got engaged to Derek Peth after finding romance on Bachelor in Paradise this past summer. Taylor had a rough experience on Nick's season, after clashing with Corinne and being made into a villain. But who's laughing now? We think Taylor and Derek could be on track to being one of the most successful couples in Bachelor history. To get the scoop, Refined's Bachelor round table asked some burning questions to the lovebirds.

Seattle Refined: So, we just have some burning questions we want to ask you. This is one of our viewer questions, so let’s just get it out of the gate. When’s the wedding date and are we going to see it on TV?

  • Taylor: Derek?
  • Derek: This is our official answer, but no, it’s really true too. We’ve done so within other people’s timelines during our relationship that we’re trying to some more romantic.
  • Taylor: Date each other in real life.
  • Derek: And do boring stuff. We just want to sit on the couch and watch TV together, which we really haven’t been able to do. It’s all very stressful. So, maybe.
  • Taylor: Maybe one day. If we get to that point of yeah, we want to get married, I think we’d be open minded to it being on TV because people are invested in the relationship and all that.
  • Derek: We want it to be our decision.

Seattle Refined: Derek, did you watch Nick’s season. And if so, what did you think of Taylor?

  • Derek: I did watch Nick’s season. I thought Taylor handled the Corrinne situation not perfectly. I was judgmental of it. And, I really wasn’t looking forward to meeting Taylor because of that, honestly. I could tell she didn’t have the crazy intentions people turned it into, but also I was like, I’m a pretty strong-willed person and thought we might butt heads way too much. That’s why I was like oh, I don’t really see that working. But meeting her in person, I see this whole big heart that she has.
  • Taylor: We didn’t like each other at first. We both came in too with different ideas of each other. And even, we’ve talked about this before, when he watched Nick’s season, he also keeps in mind that he’s been there and there’s a whole lot more to the story. So, I think we were both open-minded for each other, but also like, oh, you’re not the one for me. Once we started talking, then we talked for three hours straight our first conversation.
  • Derek: I started it in the dumbest way possible.
  • Taylor: The worst way.
  • Derek: I walked up to her and I said “What’s up, kiddo?”
  • Taylor: But it was more his tone. He was like, “What’s UP, KIDDO?!” And I was like turn around, go away.
  • Derek: But then, we spoke to a lot of people. It’s not like we were the first two people we spoke to right away. And most of the other ones had been surface thin.
  • Taylor: I was like, oh wow, this feels like a real conversation in real life.
  • Derek: It was the first one I felt like that and that lasted three hours.

Seattle Refined: I know you guys talked about the shutdown being a benefit for you guys. How long before shutdown and how long until knew you wanted to spend more time together.

  • Derek: It was maybe a week total, maybe 10 days, I’d say that we spent together. Because there was three days of filming and then extra days.
  • Taylor: We weren’t filming but we were all hanging out with each other.
  • Derek: And then we left and we were kind of like, well, this is going to be really hard to do from Iowa to Seattle.
  • Taylor: Let’s try and be realistic about this.
  • Derek: And two days later, we were like
  • Taylor: We couldn’t stop Facetiming each other. It was like, no wait, I’m sad.

Seattle Refined: So when was the moment you knew. Was there a defining moment?

  • Derek: I have my moment.
  • Taylor: Share your moment, I know what it is.
  • Derek: Yeah, do you? Because there’s a couple of things.
  • Taylor: I mean, it’s real, and they don’t show that part of our relationship on the show. So, this is your opportunity to share. And, I’m fine with it because it’s real.
  • Derek: There’s two different things. I was super excited to go back to Paradise and see Taylor. I thought she was too, but you don’t know until you see somebody. We’re in this boring, hey, we’re here again meetings.
  • Taylor: With all the cast.
  • Derek: Yeah, with everyone just saying hi. She grabbed Alexis and went out in the hallway and basically showed off her excitement, which is not at all her. So, I was like, ok, she’s ready to do this just as much as I am. And then, the gross funny thing is, after our date, we don’t eat on the date. So after our date, we’re shoveling in this not so great food in our mouth and I was a little gassy that night.
  • Taylor: We both were. We were like do we want to do Boom Boom tonight?
  • Derek: That’s what they call the room where you can sleep together. That’s the nickname. It’s the Boom Boom room. And, I had to let one a little bit. And, she noticed it. She was aware of it and she said, oh is your stomach ok? I was like yeah, I’m fine. She said don’t hold it in, I don’t want your stomach to hurt.
  • Taylor: I was like you can let it out, it’s ok.

Seattle Refined: And that’s when you knew you had a good woman on your hands?

  • Derek: Correct. I didn’t have to walk on egg shells. I could just be myself.

Seattle Refined: What were some awesome moments that weren’t shown on Bachelor in Paradise that you wish were?

  • Taylor: I’m kind of a little bit of a hippie sometimes and I don’t really like to wear deodorant.
  • Derek: Kind of?
  • Taylor: I don’t like to wear deodorant. So, I like to make my own or I’ll use a natural brand. And what I used to do a few years ago was use limes as deodorant.
  • Gena: Does it work?
  • Taylor: It does. You just rub it on there and then you smell like lime. We were talking about this at one of the cocktail parties.
  • Derek: Wells was there cutting limes, that’s how it came up. She was like did you know I used to use limes for deodorant and I was like, what?
  • Taylor: And then, Wells was like do you want to take shots. And Derek was like oh yeah, I’m going to take one off her armpit. And I was like, what?
  • Derek: You have to keep yourself entertained somehow.
  • Taylor: And we were like, are we really going to do this? Is this really going to happen. And then there’s a camera man right in front of me. Ok, we’re going to do this. He licked the salt, took the shot and was licking all up my armpit. That was seriously the moment where I was like, wow, I got him. I was like, he’s mine. If he can do that and still want to go to Boom Boom room with me, there’s some real feelings.

Seattle Refined: Taylor, we have you from our Bachelor casting call a few years ago. We have you on camera being asked by our host, Gaard, if you thought you could find love on Bachelor. And yours was a very hesitant reaction. You were kind of like, I don’t know, maybe.

  • Taylor: I’m shocked you have that footage.
  • Derek: That’s hilarious.
  • Jenna: Are you shocked about where you are now from when you first went to that first casting call? Are you shocked where you are right now?
  • Taylor: Absolutely.
  • Derek: It feels not real a lot of the time.
  • Taylor: I’m like wait, I met you on a show? I met you on a reality TV show, excuse me? It doesn’t make sense most days, but I’m happy.
  • Derek: She’s super logical about it. That stigma behind it. When she’s like oh, I don’t know, that’s how I was too. I was skeptical.
  • Taylor: That’s why I’m like, is this real life. I’m like wait a second.

Seattle Refined: What do your families think of you guys finding love on a reality show? Even you think it’s odd, so what does your family think?

  • Derek: Honestly I think our families have embraced it faster than we have.

Seattle Refined: I have one last question from a viewer. Where are you guys going to end up living?

  • Taylor: He’s going to be in New York soon for a job.
  • Derek: It’s not 100% decided on where I’m going to be and all of that. But, that definitely looks like the direction it’s going. So, because of that, and we want to do some of the real world a little bit, so she’s not moving in with me immediately.
  • Taylor: We’re not going to rush into moving in with each other immediately. Date each other a little bit.
  • Derek: But definitely back and forth a little bit, come stay with me for a week or two, every other week, whatever it is. Maintain spending time together, but also know how do we react with other normal stuff and distractions going on. We’re taking it slow.

Seattle Refined: So, Taylor, you’re going to stay in Seattle for the moment?

  • Taylor: Yeah. I’ve got free rent, so going to take advantage of that. And I love Seattle.

Seattle Refined: I want to know how do you drop your guard and forget the cameras and actually fall in love.

  • Taylor: You have to kind of let your guard down and really surrender that thought of having control. You don’t have control over what’s shown of you, so really you just have to fully be in it and fully be yourself in order to actually walk away and be happy with it. The camera can have you be in your own head, like am I saying the right things, America’s going to watch this. But, then once you watch it the first time you realize maybe only 10% of what you actually say and do makes it to air.
  • Derek: That’s Taylor’s response. My response is, have a couple of drinks.

Seattle Refined: We know you’re taking it slow, but if you decide to have a child together, what is one physical quality of each person you would want?

  • Derek: My eyes?
  • Taylor: Right here (Taylor points at Derek’s eyes).
  • Derek: I’m going to be nice and say your brain.
  • Taylor: It’s not a physical quality, but thank you.
  • Derek: Taylor’s hair is amazing.
  • Taylor: My curls. He likes my curls.

Seattle Refined: Well, you guys, thank you so much for doing this and giving us some insight into the love life of Taylor and Derek and good luck with everything.

  • Taylor: Thanks so much. Thanks for having us.