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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS - ABC's "A Million Little Things" stars Allison Miller as Maggie. (ABC/Matthias Clamer)

Meet Allison Miller from ABC's new hit show 'Million Little Things'

Millions of viewers are now hooked on fall’s most talked about new drama, “Million Little Things.

Million Little Things is a story that follows the lives of a group of friends forced to take a closer look at their lives and relationships when one of them commits suicide.

The show is set in Boston but is filmed just north of us in Vancouver, B.C., and we were invited up to the set to meet the cast and discover the show’s secret Northwest connection.

“I really love this character,” said Allison Miller who plays Maggie Bloom, a therapist who bonds with the group that lost their friend to suicide. “She’s so cool and wonderful and very real. There are so many sides and facets to her and is nice to play a fully realized human being who has her own life as well as being part of this friend group.”

Miller is a natural for the role and the cast of “Million Little Things” couldn’t agree more. Christina Mosesm who plays Regina Howard, gushes about Miller.

“Oh my gosh, she brings humor, joy, lightness and realness [to the set]. She is so natural as an actress. She brings so much to the show,” said Moses.

And then there is James Roday, who plays Gary Mendez.

“Allison Miller is a beast. She is so dialed in all the time,” said Roday. “It forces me to at least try to be a better actor to keep up with her. She is truly fantastic. She carries me on this show. It’s a pleasure and a real gift to work with her.”

Miller's father is also in the movie business as well as a journalist who is no stranger to Washington. He’s the former publisher of The Olympian newspaper in Olympia, WA.

We tracked down Allison’s father, John Miller, and got on a Skype call from Lexington, Kentucky, the Miller’s hometown. The family is so proud of Allison.

“Each show is always a thrill for us, we are always hoping that this is going to be the big show, the big smash hit,” said John Miller. “We are really proud of what she has done and she works so hard at it.”

Watch the clip above to meet Allison Miller! Million Little Things airs Wednesdays at 10p on ABC.