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Teatro ZinZanni is a three-hour dinner show full of international cirque, comedy, cabaret, and a multi-course menu design by James Beard award-winning chef Jason Wilson. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

Love, Chaos & Dinner... a show for all senses!

Break out the champagne! One of Seattle's longest-running shows is back in action under the big top! After an eight-month hiatus Teatro ZinZanni is wowing crowds again with a new show at a new location. Refined went behind the scenes to check it out.

"I think it's a celebration that we're back," said Joe De Paul, comedian and show director.

It's been a quiet few months since the cabaret was booted from its home on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. But, the familiar big top is now pitched at Redmond's Marymoor Park for a six-month run of hijinx, food and fun.

"This space is amazing because you have dancing waiters and waitresses, a beautiful madame, and you have circus acts hanging above your head," continued De Paul. "It's beauty, feats of strength and wacky comedy."

It's like a homecoming for performer, De Paul. He's been clowning with the show for nearly a decade. And, Ariana Savalas is making her Teatro ZinZanni debut.

"I had never heard of it before. I looked it up and it's like a little dream come true," she said. "All of the people who are working on the show are amazing improvisers. When you say you work with a bunch of clowns, literally you work with a bunch of clowns... but in the best way possible."

Teatro's new show, "Love, Chaos and Dinner," is sort of show within a show... where every night the plot thickens as the cast anxiously awaits the arrival of a famous restaurant critic.

"So, everyone is stumbling over each other to make a great impression," explained De Paul. "And, the critic gets swooped up in the magical world which is also part of Madame Zinzanni's plan."

And not only is the show new and exciting... so is the menu! It's created from the genius, culinary mind of James Beard Award-winning chef, Jason Miller.

Teatro ZinZanni's "Love, Chaos and Dinner" runs through April 29, 2018. You can purchase tickets here.

If you're looking to purchase tickets, please note there is a special performance on November 16 at 6 p.m. Proceeds will benefit the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games taking place in Seattle next summer- July 1-6, 2018. Buy tickets here.