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11-year-old Uzziah Campbell has a dream of healing the world. He created Calm & Cure Candle Co. as a way to help others and raise money for a cause that's close to his heart. (Photo: Nakia Campbell)

11-year-old from Tacoma has a dream to 'calm the world'

Over the past few months, Seattle Refined has been sharing stories of people in the community who are making a difference during these challenging times. As it turns out - many of them happen to be young! We've introduced you to the teen sisters in Snohomish who are sewing facemasks for folks on the front lines of the health crisis, and the Redmond High School student, handcrafting dog leashes so he can donate money for Hopelink.

But Uzziah Campbell from Tacoma may be the youngest of all of these truly incredible young people. Recently, the 11-year-old saw events on the news involving racial injustice that inspired him to take action. He created Calm & Cure Candle Co. as a way to help people heal - and to raise money for a cause that's close to his heart. Simply put, Campbell has a 'dream to calm the world.'

Seattle Refined: Uzziah - people are literally glowing about your Calm and Cure Candle company! Tell us about it.
Uzziah Campbell: I got this idea from seeing a lot of things on the news, saying to myself - 'Man I got to stop this. I want to calm the world'.

Was there an event that really sparked it for you?
When Ahmaud Arbery got killed, that’s when this whole thing started.

How did you get the idea for candles - was there a personal connection there?
Yes my mom used the candles over the years dealing with stress and anxiety or depression.

So how do you actually make the candles?
We take our soy wax and we bind it together with our fragrance. Then we pour the candle and let it sit for an hour, and come back trim the wick, label the candle, and let it sit and cure for a week

That’s a lot to do - and how old are you again?
I am 11 years old.

You’ve really put some thought into the fragrances and scents and what you’ve combined together.
So I have six different candles: Peace is Frankincense and Myrrh, Sleep is Lavender, Energy is Citrus Blend and Lemongrass, Calm is Vanilla Rose, Happiness is Cannabis and Exotic Spice, and Relaxation is Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Patchouli.

What’s the difference between your candles and the candles someone might buy in a store?
So we use 100% natural soy wax, we use eco-friendly wicks that are cotton and paper braided together, we use non-toxic fragrances and essential oils. Unlike other companies we don’t use dyes in our candles because those have chemicals that aren’t good to breathe in.

So you just officially launched our business - how many did you sell on Day One?
On day one, I think I sold 127 candles.

That’s incredible - how did you feel?
I felt really happy and really excited.

What is your goal with this candle company?
My goal is that my candles will reach around the whole world. I hope to have stores so people can come in and calm themselves or others. And I hope and I want to help people with mental illness by donating 10% of my earnings to mental health organizations.

Nakia [Uzziah's mom] you have an amazing young man on your hands here!
Nakia Campbell: The first thing that went through my mind was that he had such an amazing idea. And the second thing that went through my mind after that was that I wasn’t doing a good enough job asking him questions, because I had no idea that he was so affected my what he was seeing in the news.

How proud of you of your child?
Proud doesn’t even describe how I actually feel about him. Uzziah is a young kid who has grown up without a father for his whole life. Then [to also] have a mother who, you know, deals with severe anxiety and depression at times. But he’s taking everything that these situations have made him feel and actually putting his whole heart and his drive behind such a great business. I’m just so proud to share Uzziah with the whole entire world.

Uzziah and Nakia what are we going see this ‘flame’ grow into?
We’re hoping to see these candles throughout the whole world. That is Uzziah’s dream. And I am just standing behind him 2000% to make sure his dream comes true.

Connect with Calm & Cure Candle Co. on their official website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.