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Seattle artist Whitney Anderson creates large scale collages using recycled magazines. Each work takes 50-60 hours to complete. (Image: Whitney Anderson)<p></p>

Each of these collages takes 50-60 hours, and is made of magazine cutouts

A pair of scissors, a stack of magazines and a glue stick - ordinary stuff that we all have around the house. But for Whitney Anderson these everyday items are full of artistic possibilities. She spends hours snipping these glossy pages into small squares, creating a paper palette of thousands of colors - all for making collages. The steps seem simple enough but the results are amazing.

Creating these pieces of art is quite a process - each one takes between 50-60 hours. Anderson learned her craft in college. She majored in art at Duke University, but that's not why she was there.

"It was a tough school and I just wanted to do something that was up my alley and I could get my diploma easier with," she laughs.

She was a track and cross country star, and running was her life. When she tore her upper hamstring, she found comfort in creating art.

"Art has always been like a therapy to me," she explains. "It's almost kind of like - been there as almost a friend."

Already accomplished at drawing and painting - she discovered her passion for making collages by accident.

"I didn't have my paints with me, and there was a big stack of magazines over here and some paper," she explained. "And I put two and two together and I thought 'Oh! I'm gonna try something new."

Her work includes fanciful takes on her favorite animals. "I have a large series of horses collages, orcas - definitely my favorite sea animal some pink elephants thrown in there."

She's also done large mosaic style portraits including Cindy Crawford, Derick Jeter, and Michael Jordan. For her collage of Blondie singer Debbie Harry, she used fifty pages of hair ads to create her hair - capturing Harry's epic cool-girl vibe on canvas.

For Anderson, making collages is a metaphor for life.

"I started thinking about that after doing several collages oh this is kind of what life is like. You think something doesn't add up until you step back and as in years later and you look at your life and that's considered stepping back and looking at this masterpiece that you've done."

You can see more of Whitney's art on Instagram and Facebook.