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There are over one hundred flavors of taffy at Rocket Fizz (Image Credit Malia Karlinsky:Seattle Refined).jpg
There are over one hundred flavors of taffy at Rocket Fizz (Image Credit Malia Karlinsky / Seattle Refined)

Kirkland's Sweet Spot: Rocket Fizz

Fremont may be the center of the universe, but there's a sweet spot in Kirkland. A very sweet spot. Stepping through the doors at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop, you'll feel well, like a kid again. From the floor to the ceiling, this store is stocked with delicious treats, brightly hued bottles of soda and irreverent gag gifts.

Owner Jennifer Dixon says she never planned to open a candy shop. With her kids getting older, "I saw the idea and just thought that it seemed fun," she says. Candy of course, is the store's top seller.

Dixon admits it's difficult to guess exactly how many kinds of candy they carry. "I would say that we have well over a thousand types and we are always adding to and varying what we have at any time," she says.

The selections will take you back in time and around the world. Old favorites like Violet Crumble, Necco Wafers and Whatchamacallit Bars transform grown-ups back into kids with every bite. Or at least give them a seriously sweet trip down memory lane. "People are definitely excited to find some of the nostalgic type candies that you just don't see that much out there anymore," explains Dixon.

According to her, foreign sweets from Great Britain and Asia are also very popular. There's a section of the store devoted to them, including a very popular asian toilet candy featuring a fizzing commode.

If toilets aren't your thing, maybe taffy is. You can pick your fave from over one hundred flavors.

And if you'd prefer to drink (rather than eat) something sweet, Rocket Fizz has hundreds of different kinds of soda in a rainbow of colors. They vary from tried and true favorites like Green River to more modern tastes including bacon, sweet corn and key lime pie.

There is something for every budget at Rocket Fizz. The prices range from fifteen cents for a tiny package of Canel's Chewing Gum to a giant sized Whirly Pop lollipop that retails for $24.99.

Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, you're sure to find your perfect treat at Rocket Fizz. "It's fun for several generations of a family to come in and everyone is able to find something that they remember from their childhood," says Dixon.

Rocket Fizz is located at 120 Central Way in Kirkland. Their phone number is (425) 822-9999.