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It's Twin Peaks Day: Grab a Slice of Pie and a Darn Fine Cup of Coffee

On February 24th, Laura Palmer was found dead in Twin Peaks, and a cult classic TV show was born.

It's Twin Peaks Day and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than heading up to Twede's Cafe (a.k.a. Twin Peak's own Double R Diner) and ordering a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

So - that's what our movie guy and resident Twin Peaks geek Scott Carty did recently.

Why all the renewed excited about Twin Peaks lately? The show, and Yakima's own Kyle MacLachlan is coming back May 21st, 2017 on Showtime.

But MacLachlan was pretty tight-lipped when we last talked to him about the series' return.

"If I told you anything. I'd have to kill you," he said. "It involves coffee. That's all I can say."

So we thought we may get a little more info out of the *other* Kyle - Kyle Twede, owner of the real-life Double R Diner. We even sat in the very booth where, in 1990-1991, Agent Cooper sat! But - this Kyle didn't give us much either....

"Well, I do have a non-disclosure agreement," said Twede.

Foiled Again!

"Well I can tell you that we're all excited about it," said Twede. "You know it's been over a year since they filmed it in here and we've just been waiting. And we got the word that it's coming out and we're pretty excited to show it off."

Ok, excitement! Anything else? How about fan who have traveled the world to come visit?? Finally - we struck gold.

"This little gal was standing here looking at a couple of pictures I had on the wall and I went over to talk to her," said Twede. "She had flown from Germany to New York. From New York to Seattle got in a taxi and came here. 19 years old. She didn't have a hotel she didn't have a rental car. She just had to come to this mecca. So that was really early on in my purchase of the business that I realized that there are people that this means a lot more to than you would think."

Ok, now that's just awesome. Now we need to know the secret of the cherry pie. What is it? What's the recipe? Who makes it? Is it one person?

"This particular cherry pie we've had for about 17 years the recipe," said Twede. "What we tried to do at some point was try to find the best cherry pie we could to enable it to be where pies go to heaven. And once we got this one going, we haven't had any complaints on it, people love it. You know I never say it's better than your mother's or your grandmother's but we're really really happy with that so."