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(Image: Seattle Refined)

It's true, a five-pound Reuben exists in Bellevue

Delis in New York are like Starbucks in Seattle, there's one on every corner. We may not have a lot of delis in our area but there is a BIG bite of the Big Apple in Bellevue that everyone is talking about.

The place is called Goldberg's Famous Deli and - wait for it - they serve a FIVE-POUND REUBEN! It also comes with unlimited fries because, you know, the best way to wash down a five-pound Rueben is with unlimited fries.

Owner Benny Cukier said, "we haven't had one person eat it on their own. We use a whole loaf of bread and it's served on a tray because it doesn't fit on any plate."

Well, we attempted the five-pound Reuben and it wasn't pretty... and spoiler alert, we didn't get that far - but boy, the journey was delicious. If that's not your speed there's 250 other amazing things on the menu. So, if you are hungry and in Bellevue swing by Goldberg's and tell them Seattle Refined sent you!

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