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Get ready for the Tooth Fairy Experience!<p></p>

Is your kid ready for The Tooth Fairy Experience?

Every parent's goal is to ensure their child has a healthy smile. But, teaching children the importance of caring for their teeth can sometimes be challenging—no need to worry, parents. Delta Dental of Washington is proud to present The Tooth Fairy Experience.

The Tooth Fairy Experience is an interactive and fun dental education program that shares knowledge with children ages 10 and under about how they can better take care of their smiles. Each Tooth Fairy Experience is curated to fit the needs of the group so each kid can grasp the information through age-appropriate books, activities, and fun facts. Some of their favorite activities are hands-on tooth flossing demonstrations with giant Legos and Play-Doh, Dental Bingo, Fun Tooth Facts, and story time.

You can catch the Tooth Fairy at the upcoming events listed below:

  • Fairy on the Ferry - Friday, July 26
  • Empowering Youth and Families Outreach - August 5
  • Tooth Fairy at Chalk Fest - Friday, August 16 through Sunday, August 18
  • Seattle Public Library, Magnolia Branch - September 19

For more details on their complete schedule and where the Tooth Fairy will appear next, click here.

The Tooth Fairy will be traveling throughout Washington state, visiting libraries, museums, and youth organizations. But wait, there's more Tooth Fairy fun on the way. This fall, they will introduce a classroom component for teachers and educators to use. The program will cover all grounds from cavity prevention and tooth decay to healthy snacks and baby teeth.

The Tooth Fairy Experience works with community organizations and partners across the state to bring the program to their audiences. For organizations that are interested in scheduling a Tooth Fairy visit, they can reach out here.

To learn more about the Tooth Fairy Experience, visit, or email them at

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