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We love ice cream.<p></p>

I scream, you scream, Seattle screams for Snoqualmie ice cream!

Here's the scoop: We love ice cream. And custard. And gelato. And fro-yo. We're suckers for any combination of milk, eggs, sugar, and cream.

But, we're more inclined to grab a spoon and dig into a pint when we know the ingredients that we're putting into our bodies are high quality. That's why we love Washington's own Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

This is a family-owned company that makes both super-premium organic and all-natural craft ice cream in Snohomish. Their organic ice creams are French-style frozen custards with extra cream, lots of eggs, and very little air, creating the richest and most velvety treats.

Snoqualmie Ice Cream uses simple ingredients from the Pacific Northwest, including USDA Organic-certified grass-fed milk and cream, eggs, and berries. They make their ice cream in small batches with more cream and less air for premium taste. Everything is vat-pasteurized to slow cook the ingredients without scorching the cream, allowing each flavor to have its own unique recipe.

And when it comes to their flavors, you won't find these combinations anywhere else. From Brown Butter Sugar Cookie to French Lavender, to Crispy Marshmallow Treat and French Toast Biscotti—Snoqualmie Ice Cream has something for everybody.

But their frozen treats aren't just good for your taste buds. Snoqualmie Ice Cream's practices are even good for the environment! They believe in the power of sustainability and have purposely designed their property with rain gardens, bio-swales, and pervious concrete to eliminate runoff completely. Their solar panels, compressor waste heat recovery, LED sensor lighting, and energy-efficient equipment have allowed them to reduce energy usage significantly.

Want to give Snoqualmie Ice Cream's sweet treat a try? (Duh). Visit The Snoqualmie Scoop Shop in Snohomish or buy your favorite flavors at your local grocery store (use the store locator to pick up a pint near you!).

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