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(Image courtesy of Doug Baldwin Family Combine).

Hey! Wanna hang out with Doug Baldwin this weekend?

Long before Doug Baldwin was hauling in highlight reel touchdowns or hoisting the Lombardi Trophy he could often be found at a community center near his childhood home in Florida.

"They didn't just let me be complacent and relaxed on my athletic achievements," said Baldwin. "They pushed me in other spheres of my life especially academically, and I thought that that really spoke to their values as an organization and as people that they really cared about the kids that came through there. They wanted me to be successful not just in sports but in life in general."

Now Doug is paying it forward by helping to build a state of the art Family First Community Center in his adopted home in Renton.

"That center is going to be a multipurpose-multi-service facility that the families in the Renton area can utilize to the benefit of the health and wellness of their families and really bring something to the community that they can have ownership over," said Baldwin.

To help raise money for the community center, the Seahawks receiver is hosting the Doug Baldwin Family Combine this Saturday, July 14 at Renton Memorial Stadium.

It's a chance for folks of all ages to experience what it's like to prepare for the NFL. Participants will tackle classic combine drills like the three cone drill.

He isn't just lending his name to the event. He makes a point of interacting with everyone offering coaching and encouragement.

"If I can help that one child just like that community center helped me then that one child can go achieve his dreams like I was able to achieve mine and essentially that's my way of paying it forward for the people at home who gave to me the facility that gave to me to these children here," said Baldwin.