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(Image: Katrina Ji)

A beginner's guide to Bollywood dancing

Let's be honest, most people love to dance (mainly in the privacy of their own home) but, either way, people love to BREAK. IT. DOWN. That's why we're dedicating May to be our Unofficial Official Dance Month. You're welcome.

Refined's Unofficial Official Dance Team, (aka web writer Gena Wynkoop and TV contributor Carey Brandenburg), have done Hip-Hop, Pole Dancing and Salsa... and we have saved the best for last: BOLLYWOOD! And this time: Refined's uncoordinated but good sport host Gaard Swanson joined them.

This is the one style of dance that our crew almost knew nothing about. Carey said, "I know it's a lot of energy, a lot of hands and it reminds me of the end of Slumdog Millionaire."

The crew headed over to Beacon Hill to take dance classes at Culture Shakti with instructor Katrina Ji.

"I just love Bollywood cause it's so emotional and silly," said Ji. "You can just let your guard down and ham it up."

And boy, did Refined's team do just that!

Carey, Gena and Gaard bounced a lot, laughed a lot and had one of the best times in that Bollywood class.

You have to see it to believe it! Watch their Bollywood class in the clip. WARNING: There's a lot of booty shaking.