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Get set for the season with festive finds from Goodwill (Image: Joshua Lewis, Seattle Goodwill)<p></p>

Get set for the season with festive finds from Goodwill

If you're looking for simple, stunning ways to celebrate the season and dress up your home...Seattle Goodwill has everything you need. Gary Foy is Seattle Goodwill's DIY Guy. He gave us a tour of his budget-friendly ideas for trimming the tree and decking the halls.

According to Foy - Goodwill is a "tree-mendous" place to find festive holiday finds - including faux trees. Some are even decorated and ready to go! This stately and traditional tall tree is a real showstopper.

"The tree all the d├ęcor on it, everything was found at Goodwill, under $150 dollars," states Foy. "We carry all these great ornaments and trees and all you gotta do it take it home and put it together."

The price of the fully decked out tree - $140.

If you like a vintage vibe, this fun and festive tree may be for you. We asked Foy what inspired him.

"Kitsch! The fun items you can find out on our sales floor, all these old timey ones. Handcrafted balls you just put it on the tree you can flock it this one came pre-flocked through some lights on it, easy peasy."

Turns out red and green is not the only color scheme when it comes to tricking out the tannenbaum! A striking white tree featured royal blue ornaments is another fabulous find.

"If you're an interfaith family - [grab] a dreidel, put it in a mason jar glued it in and now you've got a snow globe with a dreidel in it!" said Foy.

And that's just for starters!

From the table to the walls - here's a clever way to add some cheer! A pair of red and green frames adds Christmas cheer to a wall.

"I took some frames, hit em with some spray paint, put some wrapping paper in the back - some ornaments hung them up there put a little bow there and you're done!" said Foy.

And if you're throwing a holiday soiree, Foy has a great DIY activity for keeping the kiddos busy.

"I've got one for you! Snowman hand ornament! All you do is you paint the hand, and you grab it like this - and then it dries and, you add some little balls, and a little scarf!"

With all these great finds - going to Goodwill is almost as good a trip to the North Pole.

"That's the great thing about this episode - everything's found at Goodwill we've got tons of this stuff, inexpensive, stretch your dollar, come on down."