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You can see ODE through May 21. (Image: ODE)

From Mary Poppins to Shakespeare to Zombies - it's all on stage right now

Take a little Mary Poppins, a dash of Shakespeare and a pinch of zombies... and you have the recipe for a new and unique dance experience happening in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood. It's called ODE, and it's on stage at West of Lenin. Nike Imoru depicts the journey of a life filled with wit, wonder, faith and a good dose of ruthless reality.

"It draws on universal themes around immigrants, women's themes, personal stories, storytelling," said Imoru. "And, it's what I'm calling a blend fusion of storytelling, music and dance. And, it is personal to me as so far as a number of the elements are about my life."

What Imoru hopes audiences see is that in the wake of trauma can come beauty. Sixteen months ago, Imoru experienced a life-changing event that inspired the show.

"No spoilers. People will have to come and see what that event was. But, just becoming an artist, evolving as an artist, realizing one day that I'm a different kind of artist. And, I suddenly realized it was now or never."

You can see ODE through May 21. For ticket information, click here.