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(Image: Seattle Refined)

Freaky Tots: These Kalua Pork Tater-Tots will have you sayin' Aloha!

All this week, Refined is on a quest to showcase some of the best french fries in Seattle. Each producer branched out to a new place in the city to search for the ultimate, most unique fry. We've already seen Brandon try Poutine O' the Sea, Malia taste short rib fries, John tackle Chowder Fries - and now it's Gaard's turn.

Ok, so all week long I've challenged my team to find the most unique fries in the city, and I'll admit they found some gems.

But today it's my turn, and I think you'll find I saved the best for last. It's not technically a french fry, but too bad. I'm the boss, I can do what I want.

It's called Marination and this place is sizzling! Especially this hot item on the menu - Aloha Tots.

"Everyone loves it," said co-owner Kamala Saxton. "Everybody loves a tater tot. You take that, you add Kalua pork, kimchi, green onions and egg to it. It's a fantastic dish."

The recipe was created as a family meal by one of Marination's staff members at their West Seattle location at Alki.

"It's popular with our staff, so we just decided to put it on the menu," Saxton said. "It's been here for about four years now."

We were almost finished after a few sprinkles of Japanese seaweed, and we were ready to munch! It was so beautiful, I almost didn't want to eat it.

But I got over that reeeeeal fast. Folks, I can offically say I've found the breakfast of champions!