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(Image: Gaard Swanson / Seattle Refined)

One small company brings joy to people's lives one blossom at a time

Trying to cope in this health crisis can be downright stressful.

Working from home, kids virtual learning, not much social interaction - all of that can be overwhelming.

But there is one small company bringing joy to people's lives one blossom at a time.

It's the power of the flower.

Every day in different locations around the city you'll see Sai Yang creating beautiful bouquets he's an artists, lighting up the lives for others.

"You can give those to your mom, your girlfriend, your lover - make them feel happy make them feel special every day," said Yang.

Yang and his wife Padr Moua grow these flowers on the family farm in Snohomish they're not afraid to get dirty. You'll find Yang riding a tractor or with a rake preparing the earth for planting.

Every year they carefully place bulbs in the ground for the magic to happen next spring and summer.

Right now his flower business is flourishing, bringing a little joy during these crazy times. The couple loves bringing hope and joy to people, their dahlias do it every time but it's their passion for each other that blossoms with every bouquet.

"He’s sweet, gentle - he loves me for who I am," said Moua. "He doesn’t judge when I do things."

You can find Moua and Yang's flowers at 29911 US 2 in Sultan, WA; and 9796 Holman Rd Seattle and Magnolia Village in Seattle.