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(Image:&nbsp;<a href="">Jennifer Angus</a>&nbsp;/ Mad Art Seattle)

Fine Art. Real Bugs.

“A masterpiece. Something I’ve never seen before," said Barbra Dahl said while examining one of the intricate designs on the wall of MadArt Studio in South Lake Union.

“This is the work of artist Jennifer Angus. The work is called Super Natural,” said Emily Kelly from MadArt Studio. “About 20 years ago, she was doing research in Southeast Asia and she came across a shawl with iridescent beetle wings and thought, 'Wow - I never really thought about the beauty of insects.”

Now, Angus incorporates insects into most of her art. There are about 7,000 bugs in this display. Some are arranged in beautiful designs reminiscent of fine wallpaper, others are posed in tiny bug dioramas, and a few more frozen in time inside brightly colored honey jars. Its a sight to behold.

“I never would have thought to use insects to make patterns and designs," said art fan Elizabeth Davis. "It blows my mind, and I’m delighted Mad Art is here to do exhibits that will keep me coming back.”

Even science buffs thinks this exhibit is a great opportunity to see these under-appreciated creatures up close.

“They’ve had a negative image to humans second only to snakes," said Bob Emminger. "When you look at them carefully, you can see they’ve evolved in interesting, practical ways.”

Super Natural is free to the public and runs through October 14th. MadArt is open Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 p.m., plus extended evening hours Thursdays till 7 p.m.