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Explore the car tech of tomorrow at the Seattle International Auto Show

New technologies are revolutionizing the experience of driving, and you can see them first-hand at the Seattle International Auto Show. Drop by the CenturyLink Field Event Center this Thursday through Sunday to check out some of the highlight below.

Autonomous Driving

See the Ford Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle and learn about the autonomous vehicle platform as well as the virtual driver system.

Alternative Fuel

Check out Hyundai's Ioniq which will come in electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. The base model, the Blue, delivers 58 miles per gallon and starts at under $23,000.

Another must see in the realm of alternative fuel vehicles is the electric Chevy Bolt. With a starting price below $37,000 and a range of 238 miles on a single charge with a fuel economy of 128 mpg, this car is a strong player in the world of non-luxury electric vehicles.

SUVs are also getting the hybrid treatment. Stop by the show to see the latest iteration of the #1 best selling SUV of all time, the third-row Acura MDX 2018.

Technology Upgrades

Ford has introduced Sync 3, an infotainment system that uses Amazon's Alexa. The integration allows you to listen to your Kindle books in your car and control home apps like your garage door with only voice commands.

Safety technology is also moving forward. Mercedes will show off a preemptively deploying side airbag that moves the driver away from the impact zone. It's expected to lessen injuries and fatalities from T-bone type accident by up to 30 percent. The system also include pink noise: a sound emitted before the airbag is deployed that causes the inner ear to close, which protects against hearing damage and ringing ears and minimizes confusion after an accident.

Whether you're most interested in self-driving cars, alternative fuel technologies or advanced safety features, the Seattle International Auto Show is a great place to explore the developments that are most interesting to you. To learn more and buy your ticket, visit