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Drop It Like It's Tot: Happy National Tater Tot Day

It's getting tot in here!

It's a little known fact, but today (February 2, 2017) is National Tater Tot day. We mean it! It's a real thing! Now if it seems strange anyone would need an actual day set aside to enjoy the golden crispy deliciousness of tater tots, we agree. But that didn't stop our Refined team from hitting the bricks to search for Seattle's top tots.

Fortunately no one knows tots better than Refined super-eater, John Prentice. First stop? Buckley's on lower Queen Anne, where the tots (if you can believe it), are considered a healthy choice.

"In Seattle, sweet potatoes are a lot more popular than regular potatoes for the health benefits," said Austin, an employee at Buckley's. "So, we've kind of done the best of both worlds. There's a little bit of brown sugar content to sweeten it up a little bit. They're served with a Chipotle Ranch dipping sauce made in-house."

Our next stop was Lunchbox Laboratory in South Lake Union, where the tots are fried to perfection. But the real highlight may be the selection of tot toppings and dipping sauces. There are sauces called Papa's BBQ Sauce, Jalapeno Ranch, Black Garlic Truffle Mayo, Super Gorgonzola Spread and probably our favorite, Satan's Tears Ketchup.

"Our Satan's Tears Ketchup is ketchup with jalapeños, roasted habeneros, Tapatillo and some secret sauces and seasonings," said Paul Church, Kitchen Manager at Lunchbox Laboratory. "The spiciness is a little subtle. About a five or a six if you are a spice expert. It's smokey with mild heat."

The best thing to put Satan's Tears Ketchup on = a Lunchbox Lab house specialty called Gavacho's Totchos.

"The totchos are fried tots with mac and cheese sauce, sour cream, Satan's Tears Ketchup, bacon and green onions," Church explained.

Our final stop our Radiator Whiskey at Pike Place Market - where Executive Chef, Tyler, calls his tots dirty.

"We do sunny-side-up with the egg so it just barely cooks the white through and the yolk is still really nice and runny. Put that right on top of the tots. And then we take hot gravy and pour it over the top so it scolds the top of the yolk," said Tyler Palagi, Radiator Whiskey's Executive Chef. "And then when it comes to the table, the first thing you want to do is cut right into it and all that yolk and egg white just runs into the gravy which makes like a said a bowl of dirty, delicious tots."

The dish is so popular, Radiator Whiskey sells about 150 orders per night (!)

Go forth and enjoy those tots!