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(Photo: Junkichi Robata Izakaya)

Capitol Hill's newest restaurant comes with a side of robot

There's a new hot spot on Capitol Hill that has people talking. Partly because of the food and partly because of the staff.

Junkichi Robata Izakaya serves up authentic Japanese food with open charcoal grills. (Trust us, the food is amazing - get the Gindara Saikyo!)

But it's something else that grabs your attention when you walk through the door.

Her name is Sota. And she's a robot.

"It's part novelty, part crazy technology and part something new we want to bring to the market and really bring a different vibe to the restaurant," said Manager Edward Wintermyer. "So many times these days people are glued to their smartphones when they are eating or in conversation so this is something that gets you engaging back the group."

As soon as you connect to Sota, she gives you recommendations, compliments and gets the party started with a KANPAI (aka cheers in Japanese)!

Sota even has facial recognition so she can remember you when you come back.

So what about a tip?

"No, you don't have to tip Sota, but a nice compliment would work every now and then," laughs Wintermyer.

Bottom line: Sota is fun and takes your experience at Junkichi to a whole new level.

Don't believe us? Watch the video and to learn more about Junkichi CLICK HERE