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Dark comedy at its finest!

A dark, new comedy is on stage now at Seattle Repertory Theatre. It's called WELL, and in it, Tony award-winning writer Lisa Kron takes us on a hilarious theatrical exploration.

"At the heart of it, she's exploring integration and what that means in all of its forms," explained actor, Sarah Rudinoff . "And her mother has been sick her whole life, and she sort of had these same sick things as well, she calls it a family mystery illness. She has allergies, problems staying awake, problems with movement. She gets better and her mother stays sick."

Sarah Rudinoff has performed in Seattle for 20 years. She plays the author on stage.

"I had heard about the play and I'd read about the play, and I knew about Lisa," explained Rudinoff. "And I do solo shows, and I knew about her as a solo performer and some of her scripts. And having read it, it's just so funny and so smart and so touching."

Beloved Seattle Rep actor, Barbara Dirickson, plays Lisa Kron's mother. Dirickson moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago, but says this role was worth coming back for.

"It's a really, really interesting play because in the end, what I love about it is, she brings it together in the most touching way," said Dirickson. "Because it says you can't make sense of any of this, but there's a rightness about it that whether it's messy or not, it's all important. And right now, with everything that's going on, it's pretty magical. Just to hear it. You may not believe it, but just to hear it, is important right now."

WELL runs through March 5, 2017 at Seattle Repertory Theatre.