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(Image: Seattle Goodwill)

Crazy Cool CREATIVE Costumes with Seattle Goodwill

Seattle Goodwill is your Halloween headquarters for everything eerie! We caught up with DIY ghoul - I mean guy - Gary Foy, for some frighteningly fun looks that won't bust your budget.

Besides makeup, masks and accessories, you can score more must-have items here! Goodwill is stocked with the perfect clothes to complete your costume.

We grabbed a 'before' look of our three marvelous models, and Gary went to work. Never one to be boring, he added his creative twist to each costume.

Then it was time for the big reveal - and to get the deets on these delightful looks. First up - a modern take on a TV classic.

"It is a mash-up, see - Bob Ross in the future," explains Gary of the first costume. "Everything in the future is VR, so Bob Ross is painting in his own painting in Virtual Reality. You just grab some VR goggles from the sales floor, some new stuff that we carry, [a] wig, I grabbed this old Simon Says [and] put some hardware on it, grabbed this old 80s Nintendo glove...and now he's painting in his painting in the future."

Next up - check out this *deer* look, with a total price of 25 bucks (pun intended)!

"So all we did was carry these antlers, and I just threw some spray paint on them in our Halloween shop," said Gary. "Grabbed some paint from the Halloween shop., printed out this faux wood, cut this out on cardboard threw on a dress and now she's a cute little mounted deer."

Finally, this ensemble is a blast from the past.

"I went totally tubular - I created Glamour Shots!" said Gary. "Super easy to do. Wherever she goes she's a glamour shot - so I printed this off on the computer, mounted it to the cardboard, threw in all the 80s accessories which we got here at the Goodwill of course and now wherever she goes she's social media ready."

At Seattle Goodwill, you can find boo-tiful Halloween gear - that's a ghostly good deal!