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Seattle's 'Fire and Scrape' sells melted Raclette cheese at the Fremont Sunday Market. (Image: Fire and Scrape Facebook page)

The Cheese Gods Have Graced Seattle with this Melty Goodness

If you love melted cheese and don't know about Raclette, it's time to get informed! Here's the boring Wikipedia definition: Swiss dish based on heating the Raclette cheese and scraping off the melted part.

Here's Seattle Refined's definition: OMG this stuff is amazing and mesmerizing to watch!

Melted Raclette is common in Europe, but hard to find in the U.S. But luckily, Seattle has Beth Ringland and David Pyle (aka the cheese saviors of Seattle). They have finally brought this sacred goodness to the Emerald City.

Beth and David started up "Fire and Scrape" where they offer Raclette in a number of locations including farmers markets, pop-up restaurant nights and cooperative events with wineries and breweries. Refined visited Beth and David at their home to see this awesome cheese in person. Watch and enjoy!