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Bernadette Bascom's Music Project gives kids courage, inclusion & confidence for life

She is all heart and soul, with an entertainment career spanning six decades, and still going strong.

Bernadette Bascom is a star still blossoming - continuing to perform on some of the biggest stages around. From Las Vegas to Liverpool, she is loved by the music world.

Her big break happened years ago, when the iconic Stevie Wonder signed Bascom to his Black Bull label. The saw what is clear to this day: this lady is talented.

On this night, Bernadette is back on stage again, belting out song after song, singing to a packed house.

But tonight, it’s not about Bernadette. Instead? Awareness. Tonight’s spotlight is for something she feels deeply about: giving back to children through her passion, The Music Project.

“These young people have way more going on than anybody gives them credit for,” said Bascom. “They’re actually realizing how important they are, and how beautiful they can be.”

Tonight these young performers are getting the royal treatment. A little makeup, hair styled – they are the stars tonight. It’s showtime.

“She’s like, all love, and she loves her students, she loves her audience,” said Leslie Foley, with Northshore Performing Arts Foundation. “She started The Music Project here in the Northshore School District. She works with kids that have special needs or emotional needs.”

"I’ve known Bernadette for some years,” said TV personality Jeff Renner. “And I think for me, number 1 is she’s incredibly talented. But what really makes her distinctive is she uses that talent to lift other people up, and The Music Project is - I think - a prime example of that. People that either don’t have self-confidence, or other people don’t have confidence in them. Bernadette has taken her talent, her compassion, her warmth, her caring and transformed countless lives I would say.”

Learning about relationships, communication, teaching them valuable life skills – she’s giving them a voice through music.

“It gave these kids confidence in themselves,” said Bascom. Other stars couldn’t wait to pitch in. She’s everyone’s idol.

“I’m here because Bernadette kinda changed my life,” said Sanjaya Malakar, an American Idol finalist. “She’s like an angel. The Music Project has been so impactful for so long, for so many people. We’re not here to just sing songs and be pretty, we’re here to change lives. We are vessels of emotion, and so if we’re doing our job right as a performer, everyone in the audience should feel our heart."

“They’ve got on gowns to the floor, and gloves to their elbows - come on,” smiled Bascom.

Tonight’s show was completely choreographed by Bascom, just a small part of The Music Project, but so big and so important.

Microsoft is even teaming up with The Music Project and Bascom to build an app so children around the world can shine on their own stage, giving them courage, inclusion and confidence for life. And of course, the love they all deserve.

“I feel like I’m actually living my purpose,” said Bascom.