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Babe in Blue: Refined chats with Nathan Fillion, star of 'The Rookie'

Another day, another star to interview! Refined's Malia Karlinsky had the chance to chat with Nathan Fillion and Melissa O'Neil of ABC's newest hit show, "The Rookie".

Seattle Refined: What's been happening on "The Rookie"? It's my new addiction this season.
Nathan Fillion: Boy - lots of excitement. Some excitement stuff, some stakes - a little bit of humor going on there, some relationship tensions happening...
Melissa O'Neil: And also the great comeback of Nathan Fillion back to the ABC screens! I think it's a really big deal for everyone and everybody's really excited about it.

Well it's a huge deal. We all loved you in "Castle". What do you love about your character John Nolan?
Fillion: Of the characters I've played I think that he's very easy to relate to. I think that people can relate to the idea of starting something new, of being the new guy on the block starting over, starting something fresh. I can't relate to being a cop very much - I don't think many people can - but starting over is something we can all relate to.

Something else viewers are loving is the romance between you guys. Melissa what's going on now with the romance?
O'Neil: Well at this point in the show the romance has quelled a little bit. [Characters] Nolan and Lucy are both committed to their jobs, wanting to make the best impression there as they can. The have kind of taken a break from each-other in order to do that, but at the end of the day the reason why they came together was because of a deep friendship, and an ability to relate to each other. I don't think that's ever gonna go away. Right now the romance has taken a back-burner because they need to focus.
Fillion: May I have a question? When I first got started on "One Life to Live" my character had an affair with a much older woman. Now here you are having an affair with an older man - now that's me. How does that feel?
O'Neil: I think that it was a big thing to reconcile at first, only because everybody was making a big deal about it. But from my perspective, Lucy chose Nolan. She's the one that pursued him. There's this tall, handsome thoughtful man who kind of comes in the situation who also happens to be single - if I was Lucy I would have shot my shot as well.

"The Rookie" is partly about that fact that it's never too late to follow your dreams. Has playing John Nolan personally inspired you to do anything new?
Fillion: I'm glad you asked that because I am right now presently in my dream job. And one of the most exciting thing about my job is that it is new and fresh everyday. We are in different places every day with different people every day. Different guest stars every day. So my job changes day to day so much it's always fresh. So pursue a dream - that's what I do when I wake up in the morning.

Catch "The Rookie" at 10 p.m. PST on Tuesday nights on KOMO 4.