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Pruning trees improves their overall health and helps to protect your property from accidental damage.

Avoid storm damage by calling the expert arborists at Eastside Tree Works

The warm summer days are long behind us, so that means it’s time to expect cold and stormy weather until about April. That’s a good excuse to cozy up by a fire with a warm blanket, but before you get too comfortable, make sure you take the proper precautions in your yard. Your property could be in danger if you haven’t pruned your trees yet.

Besides keeping you, your family, and your property safe this winter, pruning improves your tree’s overall health, makes them stronger, and prevents fungal infections on leaves and stems.

The first and most crucial step to successful tree maintenance is preparation. As you consider pruning the trees in your yard, consider the following factors:

  • The tree’s age. Trees can become brittle or diseased as they get older, making them more of a threat to topple onto your property.
  • The tree’s type. Western Hemlocks and Douglas Firs are usually the first to uproot during a storm. Deciduous trees like maples shed a significant amount of debris that should be cleared regularly.
  • Blemishes on the tree. Branches that failed to leaf out in the spring, cracked bark, vertical splits in the trunk, or a heavy sap flow are signs that pruning is necessary.
  • The number of branches and foliage. If wind cannot pass through a tree easily, that resistance can create tension that ultimately could cause branches or the whole tree to fall on your property.
  • Potential hazards. If you see power lines nearby, you’ll need to pay extra attention to your trees’ health because they might cause power outages if they fall.

There are so many different types of trees and ways to prune them. Let the expert arborists at Eastside Tree Works make the call that’s best for the trees you have.

Regular tree maintenance is essential from the beginning to the end of a tree’s life. Eastside Tree Works crews will do this by:

  • Removing dead or decaying branches
  • Thinning foliage to allow for wind to pass through and sunlight to shine on all parts of the tree
  • Trimming overgrown brush and branches

Eastside Tree Works can also remove problematic trees that you don’t think you can save with maintenance. Diseased or dead trees, overgrown trees that are damaging other plants or property, and trees growing in hazardous areas meet the criteria for removal.

Whether you need general maintenance or immediate tree removal, the professional arborists at Eastside Tree Works are ready to help you. Contact them at 206-396-9998, or visit them online to discover what they can do for your property. Eastside Tree Works will give you a free estimate for any of the services they offer.

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