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(Image: Sugar and Spoon)

Attention Cookie Monsters! Safe-to-eat dough has hit Seattle & we're om-nom-noming hard

What started as a class project turned into a fully functioning company that solved an age-old guilty pleasure: eating raw cookie dough, without getting sick.

That's right! Thanks to Sugar + Spoon business owners Ivana Orlovic and William Hubbell, safe-to-eat raw cookie dough now exists (and is thriving) in Seattle.

Orlovic and Hubbell met at the University of Washington while taking an entrepreneur class called "Creating a Company", where the idea of Sugar + Spoon was born.

Unlike regular raw cookie dough, Sugar+Spoon is guaranteed to be perfectly safe.

"We made cookie dough safe by eliminating the eggs," said Orlovic. "Then we used heat-treated flour, so that the flour doesn't contain any bacteria."

[Photos: Check out all the Sugar + Spoon flavors!]

Sugar+Spoon has hit the ground running in their first year of business, and they show no sign of slowing down any time soon. They started out with just one food truck, and now they've had to et another - just to be stationed at Westlake Center every day, where customers now expect them. And the biggest news? A flashy new storefront right on the Ave in the University District. It's a perfect homage to where the business was born, at a class in the university that is now their neighbor.

"It was kind of a trend that we were seeing that might continue, but I thought it was something great that students would love," said Orlovic. "And that a bunch of young people would get excited about and be repeat customers."

With fun flavors like Party Animal (pink dough covered in sprinkles and Mothers Animal Cookies) Dough-Reo (Oreo), Holy Oats (don't knock it 'till you try it), and of course the classic, Choco-Chip! If you're in the mood for more than just cookie dough, Sugar+Spoon even serves up fun coffees, flavorful hot chocolates and even cereal-flavored milk shots to top it all off.

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The brick and mortar storefront is small, 64 square feet. It was originally a walk-up coffee shop, and countless hours of work and renovations needed to be made. With some help from a local tiny home builder, they figured out how to make every square inch count. Now with its bright pink and blue colors, it's a storefront that you truly cannot miss.

For all the real life cookie monsters that are out there, this is a sweet treat that all ages can enjoy! Check out the storefront's hours and truck's locations online.