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A steamy new show that will have you tasting the glitter

Normally, ice cream is a cool, summer treat... except when it's red hot like a new show we stumbled upon at Pike Place Market. Ice Cream is a tantalizing new theatrical experience that transforms the historic Can Can Cabaret into a doo-wop ice cream shop.

"It's a very colorful show. It has sort of a vintage feel," said Fae Pink, owner and choreographer at Can Can.

"And of course, a lot of skin," continued Chris Pink, owner and artistic director. "It goes from zero to a thousand over a very short period of time."

Inspired by summer cult-classics like Grease, Hairspray and Cry Baby, Ice Cream is "in your face" entertainment.

"They're all trained dancers, so you're going to see them spinning from the ceiling, you're going to see them above the catwalks," Fae said. "It's a very small, intimate space and you're going to be literally smelling the glitter."

"A majority of our shows are conceptually abstract," explained Chris. "So, there's not a linear story line. It's more of a collage of different elements of feeling."

Don't fill up before you go! The menu and cocktails are a performance in themselves. And, if you're looking for something a little more PG, not to worry, Can Can does a tamer version of the show for kids.

"There's Ice Cream Sundae, spelled with an e, on the weekends," explained Fae. "We definitely try to create an enchanted atmosphere, so it's a magical brunch experience."

"We'll have a 90-year old's birthday in here at the same time as a six-year old's," continued Chris. "And, it's kind of an amazing experience to bring all of these people into a room, have them enjoy the show in different ways, and they're all different economic scales, ages, it's a really beautiful thing."

Ice Cream runs through October 1. Click here for tickets.