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Uniform Teeth uses special software to predict teeth movement and tracks progress via a mobile app.

7 ways to receive quality orthodontic care during COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading so easily through the air, your health is more important than ever. That means your visits to any dental specialist will look much different in 2020 than they did in the past. That's why Uniform Teeth is implementing specific strategies to protect patients and staff while providing a quality orthodontic experience.

Uniform Teeth represents the next generation of teeth movement. Here are the seven ways Uniform Teeth has changed patients' lives and kept them safe from COVID-19.

1. Uniform Teeth's orthodontic technology moves teeth twice as quickly as Invisalign, for a fraction of the cost. That means you can smile about the results, as well as the price tag.

2. Uniform Teeth is the only technology enabled orthodontics company where every patient meets face to face with a licensed orthodontist. Patients also undergo a free pre-treatment evaluation that includes a CBCT X-ray and 3D scan to identify any dental conditions that could complicate teeth movement.

3. Special proprietary software plans each tooth movement based on a detailed 3D model of each patient's teeth, roots and gums. Then patients and their orthodontist ensure movements are going to plan using smile photos via Uniform Teeth's mobile app.

4. While patients do see an orthodontist in person each time, Uniform Teeth carefully schedules each patient so that there is minimal to no overlap between patients. This ensures proper social distancing in the office while keeping the schedule moving throughout the day. Private rooms and common areas are constantly sterilized, especially between appointments, to maintain a healthy environment for everyone.

"In a traditional practice, the average orthodontist sees 80-100 patients a day for only a few minutes each," said Dr. Aamodt DDS, MS. "Our orthodontists see 15-20 patients per day and spend 30 minutes with each to focus on the details and ensure they're getting the care they need."

5. Nobody likes to see the orthodontist more than necessary. With Uniform Teeth, most patients only need four visits during their entire treatment time. Most orthodontists require 12 to 24 appointments.

6. Every patient is vetted for COVID-19 symptoms and social distancing behaviors before arriving at the clinic and at the time of the appointment. In addition, each staff member is required to have a temperature check daily and a COVID-19 test weekly.

7. Patients and staff need to wear masks inside the clinic. Patients only need to remove the masks during certain procedures, while staff will remain in N-95 masks and protective clothing throughout any interaction with patients.

"We believe people shouldn't have to choose between quality and convenience," said Uniform Teeth CEO Meghan Jewitt. "For too long, fixing teeth has been uncomfortable, embarrassing, and time-consuming. It's also been expensive, which has excluded millions of people from seeking care. Our mission is to increase access to high-quality orthodontic care, and this also means bringing the cost down."

Uniform Teeth opened its first Seattle location in South Lake Union on Sept. 1 and plans to open a second location in Bellevue in early November. You can explore your options and schedule an appointment by visiting them online at