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Topshop Leopard Print Cardigan in Red (Photo Credit: Nordstrom)

3 hot trends from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Every July, Christmas comes early for fashion-forward shoppers who love rocking the latest looks - and scoring some sweet deals at the same time.

We asked Shannon Schafer, Senior Fashion Director for Nordstrom, what makes the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so unique.

"[The sale] started in the 60s, and it's been annual ever since," said Shannon Shafer, Senior Fashion Director for Nordstrom. "It's our customers favorite event of the year. It's so special because it's new fall product on sale."

What's not to love about that?

Schafer gave us sneak peek into the hottest looks for fall.

Trend number one has a vintage feel.

"Retro Remix is really all about retro romantic looks," said Schafer. Another great element? Heritage classics like plaids. Schafer says you have to have to have plaid this season!

Bold prints are another big hit. She showed us a skirt with a brightly colored orange and yellow floral pattern on a black background.

"Part of the Retro Remix are kitsch patterns," she said. And here's a tip - don't be afraid to mix patterns with it!

In addition to the fun patterns - there is a certain fabric that we'll be seeing a lot of.

"Corduroy is having a comeback!" said Schafer. "So remember wearing corduroy - we have it in skirts, pants and we even have jackets!"

Boots are the perfect addition - and there are tons of chic options to choose from. Schafer showed us a few of her faves.

"It's all about retro print now, so animal print being a must-have," she said. "You're gonna see a ton of plaid this season so why not do plaid in a boot. Then of course if you want to do a bit of throwback 80s we have tall slouchy boots in suede."

Trend number two is all about Modern Neutrals.

"It's really a new take on pastels," explained Schafer. "So they're dustier shades of pastel that can act as neutrals in your wardrobe."

She showed us two soft and sophisticated fall coats - complete with fun textures. You may not think of this color palette for fall, but Schafer says, pastels having a moment.

Handbags are another way to incorporate these fun hues - and lucky for us, there are some great finds for the sale.

"So many modern neutrals here, fantastic colors that can do with everything in your wardrobe," explained Schafer.

The third trend Schafer previewed for us was a little bit country... and a whole lot of fun! It's called 'Urban Pioneer.'

"Part if it is pretty prairie," she said. "It's all about these soft romantic florals."

Adding to to your wardrobe is another great way to incorporate the style.

"Delicate patterns give it that prairie look," said Schafer. "I would recommend a blouse - just loose floaty flowing fabric this season."

We're seeing the resurgence of the western boot too, everything from tall-shaft boots which are a nod to cowboy boots to mid-shaft and even the shoetie.

In case you aren't familiar with the shoetie yet, it's a combination between a bootie and a shoe."

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale isn't just for women, there are tons of kids clothes for back-to-school, men's items, home, beauty - you name it!

Whether you think 'Retro Remix ' is groovy, go gaga over dreamy pastels like 'Modern Neutrals' or want to lasso the latest country slash city looks, via 'Urban Pioneer,' the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has you covered in style.

More about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Shop brand-new arrivals at super-sale prices. Shop in store and at The sale starts July 20 and ends August 5. Prices go up August 6th.