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Get Back to Clean!

Zerorez will get you back to clean and healthy...from your carpet to your air ducts!

Our kids are on their way "Back to School" and that gives us the perfect opportunity to get "Back to Clean!" Think about how great it will feel with a whole home spotless from top to bottom including your air ducts. It's a kick off to pre-season holiday health and well-being as we head into fall.

When homeowners think about cleaning most of us tend to forget about our indoor air quality. If you or members of your family suffer from allergies, hay fever or asthma you might want to consider if your duct system is a contributing factor? The EPA released a report that warns consumers that our indoor air quality is often 200 to 500 percent worse inside our home than the outside! Zerorez understands these issues and has developed a solution with their multi-step air duct cleaning process that can help eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, dust mites, dust and other contaminants. It's all about the science, in fact you will be able to see before and after views inside your air ducts. With Zerorez there is no in-home contamination because everything is contained in their powerful truck mounted system and if you've inherited a home with smoke or mildew odors Zerorez will have you sniffing less and smiling more.

And you can't say clean carpet without saying Zerorez. We all know that our carpets have endured a long rough summer, if you have spots, dirty traffic patterns, dull lifeless carpet even pet issues it's time to call Zerorez. No one cleans carpet like Zerorez, only Zerorez cleans with their patented award winning "Power Water" process with Zero soap, Zero toxic chemicals, Zero detergents and leaving Zero dirt attracting residues behind. Your carpets will dry quickly and stay cleaner longer.

We all love our four legged fur babies but if you've experienced stains and odor, carpet threatening issues like our Seattle Refined homeowner Zerorez can save your carpet and save the day with their exclusive line of non-toxic pet treatments that can alleviate these problems at the source.

Zerorez has services for all your surfaces; carpet hardwoods, tile & grout rugs, upholstery, mattresses and their exceptional air duct cleaning service.

Zerorez is offering a very special deal for our Seattle Refined viewers. Mention Seattle Refined and Zerorez will clean three rooms of carpet for just $139. And don't forget to ask about their air duct special. Plus if you're ready to be thoroughly amazed ask about their pre-holiday whole home cleaning special. Call 425-453-9376 or go to for more information.