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Clean your carpets and hardwoods like never before with Zerorez!

Zerorez makes your hardwood floors look good as new

Your floors go through a lot on a daily basis, and they're only going to get dirtier as the weather gets wetter and the ground gets muddier. Whether you have carpeted or hardwood floors, or a mixture of both, Zerorez comes to the rescue with a solution that will make your home look its cleanest.

Carpets are landing zones for many things, including allergens, pollen, dander, dust, bacteria, and leftover smoke particles. Without proper cleaning, these things can ruin the air quality in your home and the look and feel of your carpets.

With Zerorez, you can get your carpets clean without worrying about any harmful or toxic chemicals and detergents. Zerorez uses a patented "Powered Water" cleaning system that's more effective and more environmentally friendly than any other carpet cleaning company on the market. Chemically based products with toxic cleaning detergents in them can leave behind solvents that make your carpets crunchy and attract new dirt and debris.

Don't forget about the hardwoods! Regular maintenance can save you from expensive remodels and repairs. Zerorez uses stand-alone cleaning units that clean and coat the floors to protect them long after the Zerorez crew leaves. And once the floors are clean, you can start walking on them the same day. Learn more about the Zerorez process for hardwood flooring here.

Feel the Zerorez difference and get a clean that's safe for everyone.

Call 425-453-9376, or go to for more information. Right now, you can receive a FREE room of carpet cleaning when you clean any two areas of hardwoods, or you can get three rooms of carpet cleaned for only $149. Minimums apply to both deals. Click here to schedule an appointment today!

Zerorez is still implementing a Zero Contact Protocol to help keep everyone in your household safe from COVID-19. To learn more about all of Zerorez's safety precautions, visit