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Who is Compass? What you need to know about this top-notch real estate company

The newest kid on the real estate tech scene has made it to Seattle, and it's changing the way people buy homes.

Compass is bringing together the brightest minds in real estate, engineering, business, marketing, and design to create an interface which seamlessly connects broker and buyer. Their mission: to help everyone find their place in the world.

Compass was founded in NYC, a city renowned for a difficult real estate market. Since its launch in 2012, it has grown to 150 offices nationwide, with plans to open 150 more offices this year. Last September, it raised $400 million from Softbank and Qatar Investment Authority, which valued the brokerage at $4.4 billion. And at the center of all this growth? Seattle as the company's West Coast tech hub.

Real estate tech is no stranger to the Seattle area, with companies like RedFin and Zillow based here. So what makes Compass a competitor with these heavy hitters? Their focus on the broker.

While most real estate models are centered around the consumer, Compass has honed in on the importance of attracting only the best brokers in every market. They are aggressive in attracting the most talented agents to represent their brand and story; advisors that both buyers and sellers can trust. Compass partners with brokers who will help everyone from the first-time home buyer to the seasoned seller make more informed decisions. They offer unsurpassed expertise, resources (including a full support staff), and service to help anyone achieve their buying, renting, or selling goals.

Compass is changing and fine-tuning how agents and clients navigate through the process of finding or selling a home. Their goal is to empower agents from start to finish by developing innovative digital tools and customized marketing strategies through their online platform. One of the highlights is their app, which allows potential homebuyers to scan a "For Sale" sign and receive all the information on the home instantly—no more paper handouts.

So what does this mean for the Seattle market? About 100 engineers working to build real-estate's first end-to-end platform. New offices in Bellevue with a team of talented marketers, designers, and administrators coming together to support agents. And a brokerage which combines the solutions-driven mindset of a startup with the sophistication of a luxury brand to bring Seattle brokers, buyers, and sellers a seamless platform to achieve their home or apartment dreams.

Buying and selling property can be some of the most important decisions a person makes in their life, yet it gets bogged down by outdated information, market illiteracy, or unprofessional agents. Compass aims to connect knowledgeable, trustworthy brokers to real people trying to find their place in the world. And with 300 new agents joining the team in less than a year, it looks like they're succeeding.

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