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Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb, twin sisters and realtors who specialize in homes that aren't selling. (Photo: HGTV)

Twins for the WIN: Local sisters help homeowners on HGTV's 'Unsellable Houses'

On HGTV's new show "Unsellable Houses", we meet frustrated and flummoxed homeowners in Snohomish County who feel stuck - unable to sell their homes.

So what's a seller to do? They bring in local powerhouse players Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb. Where most real estate agents sell and average of 5-8 properties a year, last year these two sold a whopping 170 !

You could say the dynamic duo has been working together for decades.

"Thirty eight years," said Davis. "Since our mom’s belly."

At first glance, Davis (with long blonde locks) and Lamb (brown 'do with bangs) don't look alike. But when they push their hair back - you can see it.

"We’re twins - we’re twins!" they said in unison.

They have something else in common too; both are entrepreneurs at heart.

"I’ve been in real estate [Lamb Real Estate] for 10 years," said Lamb. "[And] she came along about five years ago, jumped in."

"And stole half the business because I’m no dummy," chimed in Davis.

"It’s pretty much the story of my life," Lamb smiled.

But it wasn't just their selling - it was their singing! A kind of car karaoke with clients that got the attention of their production company High Noon. Just for a little context, they're also the folks who brought us the mega hit show 'Fixer Upper.'

The twins' specialty is sprucing up houses that some say are 'unsellable'. So...what exactly makes a home unsellable?

"A house that has not put its best foot forward is not marketing the strongest way," explained Lyndsay. "Those are what we define as unsellable."

But these are not just real estate deals - the twins are invested in these projects - emotionally and more.

"We finance all the repairs ourselves," said Davis, who crunches the numbers while Lamb deals with the creative. They have a magic money formula for success.

"We’ll look at a home and say 'Okay this one is listed for $300,000. However this area warrants a sales price of $400,000,'" explained Lamb. "Let’s identify the problems. Let’s figure out how much the updates renovation repairs will cost."

That's where they put their own money in. Post sale, after paying themselves back - they split the profit with the seller, a real win-win.

But this is NOT about the houses.

"We say often we are people people that happen to be in real estate," said Davis. "We are not passionate about real estate. We like real estate, but there are people who are passionate about real estate. It’s not us. We love people."

"Being able to help people achieve something they might otherwise not been able to - or have that extra $20,000 or $30,000 to take it to that next step in life is huge for us."

To figure out the best price for the property, the twins take the homeowners on a tour of other properties in the area in one of their classic rides. The duo even comes up with name for their VW busses.

"This is Olive," explained Lamb. "She’s a '63 and she’s actually a camping bus, she has some tables in here."

Their clients enjoy riding around in the busses, it dissolves some of the stress of selling a home.

"They love it," said Davis. "I would say they love it until two out of three times they break down, but it’s all part of the experience!"

"It’s all part of the experience," said Lamb. "We just say 'Hang on - here we go.’"

These twin real estate phenoms may bring different strengths to the partnership, but together they make the perfect team.

"We love it. We do. We really love it. It’s hard working with family," said Lamb. "But for us..."

"It’s easy," added Davis.

"It just comes natural."

Watch "Unsellable Houses" at 9 p.m. Tuesdays on HGTV.