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ShelfGenie uses Glide-Out drawers that can be stacked inside cabinets, cupboards, and all the way down to the floor.

Transform your cabinets, pantry, and more into practical storage spaces

It's your lucky day! You have three wishes to use in your home. If any of them involve reorganizing your kitchen, closets, pantries, or bathrooms, there's a magical solution for you.

In this case, your phone is your lamp. Give it a rub by dialing 206-929-4954, and ShelfGenie will appear in your home to work wonders on the storage spaces you thought could never be organized. ShelfGenie's powers are renowned for transforming cluttered and crowded spaces into practical, accessible storage areas.

ShelfGenie uses Glide-Out drawers that can be stacked inside cabinets, cupboards, and all the way down to the pantry floor. You can customize the size of each drawer to fit the different ways you'd like to organize. Here are some ideas to inspire you as you contemplate how you want to use your three wishes:

  1. Spice rack: Never struggle to find the right seasoning for the dishes you're preparing. All your spices can be in one or two drawers, easily accessible, and placed in orderly rows.
  2. Pots and pans: Lids on the top, pans in the middle, and pots on the bottom, or whichever way you prefer.
  3. Cleaning products: Spray bottles and canisters can be hard to stack. Customize the height of your drawers and store your supplies by the type of container.
  4. Leftover containers: Organize everything by shape and size, so you always know where to find the perfect container to hold your excess food from last night.
  5. Non-perishable foods: Cans, bottles, and boxes will never get pushed to the back and forgotten.
  6. Towels: Washcloths, hand towels, and larger towels can be layered in each drawer. You may also choose to sort them by color.
  7. Bookshelves: Tuck your cookbooks away in a drawer that resembles a shelf you might find in your office or living room.
  8. Silverware: Any loose utensils or cooking tools can be stored in a divided drawer and layered for your organizational preferences.

Of course, these are just launching points. ShelfGenie is flexible around how you want to organize. Check out this interactive kitchen graphic to see even more ways to revamp your storage.

Regardless of how you use ShelfGenie, you can count on up to 50% more storage space and better access to everything you have tucked away in your cabinets, drawers, and pantry. That means no more reaching for things on your hands and knees or losing items in the dark recesses of your storage areas.

Your organization solutions are one call away. Don't wait any longer to call on the powers of ShelfGenie.

ShelfGenie has locations all over the country, including Seattle. Call 206-929-4954 today or visit to get a free design consultation.