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This Highland Park Area Condo is located at 9013 16th Ave SW and is going for $199,000. (Image: Windermere)

Could you live in a 466 square foot condo? Highland Park 1-bed lists for $199k

Oof. Don't get us started about real estate in Seattle right now! It's hard to find anything, let alone something *in* the city, and large.

So - what if we just stopped looking for the largest spaces available? You've heard of tiny house living - where individuals, couples and even families live in spaces we might usually call, well, tiny.

But it's not just about living in small areas, it's about streamlining and decluttering your material possessions to only those that are necessary.

We're not saying it's easy - and we're not saying it's doable for everyone - but it is popular.

Take a look at this condo in Highland Park, for example. It's gorgeous, only seven miles from downtown Seattle, and remodeled in 2006.

It is, however, 466 square feet.

That gets you a teeny bedroom, a tiny bathroom...and laminate flooring, double pane windows, an updated kitchen and bath, in-unit laundry, off-street parking and no rental cap.

Click through the gallery to get a feel for the cozy space, and do some soul searching. Could you get into Tiny [Condo] Living?

This listing is selling by Sarah Rudinoff of Windermere Real Estate for $199,000.