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garden wars1-35.jpg
garden wars1-35.jpg

Timelapse: Two Tiny Gardens, One Hour, One Winner

This weekend is the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which on it's own is a pretty cool event. When you add a competition into the mix, it's even better!

Two KOMO/Seattle Refined teams competed against each other on Friday in Garden Wars, a competition where both teams have one hour to construct the greatest garden possible. The team has a mentor, gets help from the live audience and has to go through challenges (like working for five minutes with only one hand).

Team Kelly was made up of KOMO Morning Anchor Kelly Koopmans, Morning Weather Anchor Seth Wayne and our very own Seattle Refined Host Gaard Swanson.

They competed against Team Paris, made up of Morning Traffic Anchor Paris Jackson, Morning Anchor Cayle Thompson and Andrea Morrison from Creative Services.

Both teams worked with identical plant and hardscape materials to create 10'x10' gardens aided by Garden Pro Advisor Marianne Binetti, and hosted by Joe Lamp'l, executive producer and host of the award-winning PBS series, Growing a Greener World.

So...curious as to who won? Team Kelly, of course! Obviously the little sprinkle of Seattle Refined they got this year really put the Gaard in Gaarden Wars! Check out the gallery and timelapse above of both gardens being completed.