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Since his Bachelor days, Jason Mesnick has built a successful career in real estate.

This real estate agent wins our final rose in *the most dramatic* showing yet

We're having trouble comprehending that it's been an entire decade since we fell in love with "The Bachelor" star and Kirkland native Jason Mesnick. (C'mon – has it really been that long?!)

In those days, he was a 32-year-old single dad raising his young son, Ty. Despite originally choosing another contestant, in a dramatic "Bachelor" twist, Mesnick found his perfect match with Molly, and they were married in 2010.

The couple built their home in Kirkland, built their family, and Mesnick built a successful career in real estate. Mesnick recently sold a condo with a record-setting listing price of just under $12,000,000!

This busy broker prioritizes putting his clients first. That's why Mesnick recently partnered with a revolutionary brokerage called Compass—a company that's bringing together the brightest minds in real estate, engineering, business, marketing, and design to create an interface which seamlessly connects broker and buyer.

While most real estate models are centered around the consumer, Compass has honed in on the importance of attracting only the best brokers in every market. They are aggressive in attracting the most talented agents to represent their brand and story; advisors that both buyers and sellers can trust. Compass partners with brokers who will help everyone from the first-time home buyer to the seasoned seller make more informed decisions. They offer unsurpassed expertise, resources (including a full support staff), and service to help anyone achieve their buying, renting, or selling goals.

Compass even creates logos! And boy, was Mesnick pleased. "I'm extremely happy," he said. "It's much more 'me' than my previous logo was."

Bottom line: Compass helps brokers and agents like Mesnick make the most of modern technology and focus on his clients.

Jason Mesnick is a residential consultant at Compass Washington. Visit to contact him or to learn more about The Jason Mesnick Group.

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