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The home is selling by Whitney & Virginia Mason of

This Magnolia home is a book lover's dream

While it has its downsides, we can all pretty much agree that technology has advanced us in many extremely helpful ways.

Cars are much faster than horse and buggies; food much easier to heat in a microwave than over a fire, and modern medicine saves lives where others couldn't.

There is one aspect of technology that - while spatially helpful - is hard to fully embrace: the eBook. Yes, it fits much easier in your purse or carry-on than a dense book or two, but there is something lacking. Turning the pages, the smell of a new book, cracking the spine for the first time; these feelings cannot be duplicated while powering up a Kindle.

If you know what I'm talking about (and agree), you might want to look into buying this Magnolia home. The previous owners were obvious bibliophiles - just look at that home library! I'm seeing visions of Belle from Beauty in the Beast up a ladder on some of those walls.

The home is selling by Whitney & Virginia Mason of Coldwell Banker Bain for $1,395,000 and is four beds and three through the gallery to drool over them (and definitely take special note of the library).