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Seattle-based, home improvement services site and interior design site Decorist joined forces to create the city’s first virtually-designed and decorated Showhouse. (Image: Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

This home was furnished and designed entirely online

If you're like me, you have a hard time shopping for clothing online. While I love the ease of it (heck, I don't have to get out of my bed - let alone into those dreaded dressing rooms), the chances of finding something that actually fits you are slim to none.

At least, they were a couple years ago. It seems like companies are making it easier and easier to shop online, whether that means high-tech ways to determine your exact sizes, or just great return policies - the world is moving entirely online and they know it.

Which is why we shouldn't have been surprised when we heard about a local house that was designed entirely online, without any of the designers stepping foot in the space.

Even more surprising? It turned out FANTASTIC. (a Lowe's company) teamed up with Decorist's designers to completely redesign a Queen Anne house. Designers were each given a room (kitchen, dining room, master bath, etc.) and told they could only use products from Good thing ATG basically has everything you could want, from furniture to wall art, so that was no problem. Designers has less than two weeks to shop for everything, design layouts, style the rooms and source additional elements.

Seattle designers Brian Paquette, Massucco Warner Miller, Pulp Design Studios and LindHesse Design designed the living room/dining room, family room, office and foyer, respectively; Ashley Redmond designed the kitchen; Katja O'Brien and Melissa Schenck designed the girls and boys rooms, respectively; and New York designer, author and new spokesperson Alexa Hampton designed the master bedroom.

When I questioned Gretchen Hanson, CEO of Decorist on how on earth her designers could have done this with just photos of the space - she gave me a loook. "This is what we do," she said. Ahh right - Decorist is software-based home design marketplace, they're used to working online only. It's hard for me to get that through my head, since I think so much of design is seeing the space they're working with. This just proves the talent of Decorist and ATG, the designers just needed materials and photos to get those creative juices flowing.

And flow they did - amazingly. The home was completely transformed (thanks to local company Porch, who installed everything), into a designer-quality home. Despite the fact that each room was designed by a separate designer, all eight rooms flow seamlessly to and from one another. President Michelle Newbery says the goal of this project was to show customers like me who are nervous about doing everything online, how easy and successful it can be. "The Seattle Showhouse project brings these partnerships to life by showing consumers how easy it can be to create the perfect living space with our products and services," she said.

The real winner of the day? The family whose home was redesigned. The residents moved out for a couple days while their home was remodeled, and we're told they were overjoyed with the transformation their home made (even the teenage kids - now that's the real miracle)!