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The open base of this sectional keeps it from becoming visually heavy.

This Furniture Will Help You Make the Most of Tiny Spaces

We hit downtown Seattle’s Alchemy Collections with designers from award-winning design firm Weber Thompson to get advice for living large in small spaces. Here are their best tips for achieving comfort and style in a condo, tiny home or other little space with big potential.

1.Go for a sectional

Sectionals take up less visual and spatial room than several pieces (loveseat, sofa, armchair. They also provide lots of seating, and models with deeper seats can even double as impromptu guest beds.

Alchemy Collections has some stunning pieces with clean lines and an artistic touch that will elevate the atmosphere in any space, big or small. Our favorites include the fc-1629 sectional for its compact simplicity, the river sectional for its organic lines and the era sectional for its cozy yet chic sumptuousness.

2.Get a table that multitasks

When space is at a premium, creativity has to be at a maximum. Our designers love the functionality of tables that can unfolded and adjust to different heights because they can do double duty as coffee tables and dining tables for entertaining.

There are two different models at Alchemy Collections that fit the bill: the dakota folding table and the sottosopra table. The first comes in several colors of frosted glass for a sleek and modern look, while the second uses rich wood for a more rustic feel. Both meld style and functionality to make the most of small spaces.

3.Add a multi-tasking ottoman too

Like folding tables, cleverly designed ottomans can serve many functions to save space. The right style can be extra seating, a side table, a footrest and a storage space.

The honey ottoman at Alchemy Collections will bring bold geometry and secret storage to your living room, while the tone ottoman’s mushroom-like form and hidden storage space can add a dash of whimsy. Both can serve as side tables or footstools as needed, or even spare seating in a pinch.

4.Remain neutral and keep it clean

Loud patterns and bright colors plastered over the walls and furniture can quickly overwhelm a small space. Our designers recommend sticking with neutral hues in light shades to help small rooms feel open, then adding pops of color through accessories, throw cushion covers, pictures and other decorations.

The added bonus is that if you want to switch things up, it’s easy and inexpensive to find distinctive decorations and accessories that will still play nicely with your neutral palette.

When it comes to the style of your furnishings, clean lines and airy designs like chairs with open bottoms or backs are visually lighter than ornate pieces and styles that are completely solid.

5.Look to the wall

When floor space is limited, turning to your four walls can provide more room for a variety of needs. Grow a vertical garden to add color and vibrancy, try out a wall-mounted desk to carve out a work space or use wall-mounted lights or suspended lights to keep scarce space available on floors and table tops. Another pro secret? Mirrors on walls can reflect light and open up walls visually to make a space feel bigger.

By choosing pieces and placing them carefully, you can make even a small space like a downtown condo comfortable, functional and stylish. Stop by Alchemy Collections to see the pieces that inspired the Weber Thompson designers who worked on NEXUS and let your imagination go wild!


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