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Either way, RENT IS TOO CRAZY RIGHT NOW AM I RIGHT?! (Image: Seattle Refined)

The 10 most expensive zip codes for renters in Washington

As peak rental season comes to a close, RentCafe decided to check out which U.S. neighborhoods charged the priciest rents. They looked at almost 7,000 zip codes and analyzed rents in 17 million apartments across the nation and here's what they came up with for Washington zip codes.

Listed by zip code, city, average rent price and year-over-year change respectively:

  1. 98004, Bellevue, WA, $2,847, 3.6 percent
  2. 98101, Seattle, WA, $2,835, 1.8 percent
  3. 98121, Seattle, WA, $2,745, 3.2 percent
  4. 98109, Seattle, WA, $2,520, 3.7 percent
  5. 98027, Issaquah, WA, $2,445, 6.2 percent
  6. 98029, Issaquah, WA, $2,404, 4.4 percent
  7. 98104, Seattle, WA, $2,324, 3.0 percent
  8. 98040, Mercer Island, WA, $2,229, 5.0 percent
  9. 98052, Redmond, WA, $2,229, 5.0 percent
  10. 98103, Seattle, WA, $2,199, 3.1 percent

Here are the key findings from the 2019 analysis and most expensive ZIP codes for renters:

  • With apartments averaging $2,847/month, Bellevue’s 98004 ZIP code is for the second year in a row the most expensive ZIP code for renters in the Pacific Northwest (and the 129th nationwide).
  • Following close behind is ZIP code 98101 in Seattle, where apartments are now on average $2,835/month. Rent growth slowed down in Seattle's most high-end neighborhood, as rents here inched up only 1.8% since last year.
  • With a 6.2% increase YoY, ZIP code 98027 in Issaquah boasts the most significant rent growth among the priciest ZIPs in Washington. The 9th costliest ZIP code in the region, Redmond's 98052 saw apartment prices swell even more, by 5% YoY.
  • ZIP code 98040 in Mercer Island was the only one in the top 10 that saw apartment prices flatline since last year.

Either way, RENT IS TOO CRAZY RIGHT NOW AM I RIGHT?! Learn more at RentCafe online.