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These Geometric Dot Dash Lights were created by Pacific Northwest designer Erich Ginder. They come in white and are available at the Frye Art Museum Store (Image:

The White Issue

Last week I was looking through the latest issue of Domino and read an article about the monochrome white Parisian flat of photographer Violaine Carrère. She says that her all-white home provides her with a break from the visual overstimulation that she experiences in her creative line of work.

When I saw her space, it made me think about the first issue of Elle Decoration UK that I ever bought. I spied it on a newsstand sometime in the mid-nineties back before we had all of the popular design blogs of today, and before Pinterest, Instagram, and iPhones even existed. It was the first time that I'd spent more than $5.00 on a magazine. That month was the "white" issue, and it featured beautiful whitewashed floors, lots of natural light, and tons of white accents you could buy for your fabulous London loft. I became completely smitten with white decor, and also developed a severe case of loft envy that never went away.

Years later and I still love white interiors and want to live in a loft someday. Maybe the next place that I rent will allow me to fulfill that dream. I don't think I would fare well in rooms as stark as Violaine Carrère's, especially since I live with a sticky chocolate-covered toddler, but I can appreciate the visual quietness that her home environment provides.

I may not be able to live in an all-white environment, but there are lots of ways to incorporate beautiful white decor in almost any type of living space. I've included some of my picks in the photo gallery and a few extra options below.