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The Second Avenue Space of Architectural Firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Last week I shared an interview with Peter Miller of Peter Miller Books. When I visited his shop he gave me a tour of the building, including the architectural firm that he shares space with, Suyama Peterson Deguchi. I got a sneak preview of the current installation on view at Suyama Space and peeked into the storefront.

Suyama Peterson Deguchi (SPD) was founded by George Suyama in 1971. Ric Peterson and Jay Deguchi joined George as partners in 1983 and 2002, respectively. SPD focuses on Northwest contemporary design and offers residential and commercial architecture, interior design, and furniture design services. In addition to the offices of Suyama Peterson Deguchi and Peter Miller Books, the Second Avenue building (that was a livery stable over a century ago and used by an automobile repair shop beginning in 1929) also houses Suyama Space and 3x10.

Suyama Space is a nonprofit art exhibition venue that encourages artists to collaborate with the space rather than trying to overcome or ignore it. Before an artist submits an installation proposal they're asked to become familiar with the space itself. In that sense it becomes part of the work, which I think is really cool. 3x10 is SPD's retail storefront that features custom-designed furniture, lighting, and other accessories. Many of the items for sale in the shop are handmade by local artisans.

The current installation in Suyama Space is Cascade by New York artist Ian McMahon. McMahon created two curtains made of plaster that constrain and reveal light. It's a great example of an artist working with the space itself. The exhibition opened on May 19th and will be on view through the summer until August 15th. There are a couple of shots in this week's photo gallery that I took during my recent tour.

Suyama Peterson Deguchi is located in Seattle at 2324 Second Avenue.