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Through the front door of the Frederick, the entry showcases the main staircase and features the home’s original walnut wood floors.

The Renovation of Officer’s Row Homes at Fort Lawton

Renovation is a delicate process when it comes to historic homes. Too heavy a hand robs a structure of its defining characteristics, but too light a touch will leave inhabitants yearning for modern conveniences.

The Officer’s Row Homes at Fort Lawton in Discovery Park exemplify a thoughtful – and successful – renovation project. Here’s how the team behind the renovation revived these gorgeous homes from the early 1900s.

Respecting the History

Rise Properties collaborated with the City of Seattle’s Landmarks Preservation Board to ensure that renovations were authentic to the period and the original intention of the homes. They made it their goal to create an un-marred continuum where classic modern updates could become an extension of historic materials and details.

The renovation of the homes at Officer’s Row preserved much of the original structure as well as unique historic features like the original millwork, moldings, stair railings, wood floors, fireplace features, doors and hardware.

Respecting the Surroundings

At Officer’s Row, local flora and fauna in Discovery Park influenced the color palettes and design preserved corridors and connections with the park. Grand porches take advantage of scenic views and exterior design elements didn’t depart from the original architecture – rather, they enhanced it with careful landscaping that maintained the integrity of the entire historic district as a key part of Fort Lawton.

Working In the Modern Features that Matter

When Rise Properties renovated the homes at Officer’s Row, they added the large closets, spacious master bathrooms, downstairs powder rooms and laundry rooms that today’s buyers look for. These features are reconfigurations of the original interior layout that make the spaces pleasant and livable.

The updates were executed carefully so that modern features could provide comfort and convenience without detracting from the authentic historic charm of the original structures.

There are only six homes still available at Officer’s Row – all the rest have been sold! If you’re interested in seizing the opportunity to own a historical home or learning more about these stunning structures that blend historic character with modern convenience, scenic surroundings and impeccable design, visit