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Ready, set, organize! (Photo Credit: Kelsey Kurtis)

The Orderly Space Is Washington's version of The Home Edit

I’ve always been inclined to organize things. A tidy closet makes me happy and spending an afternoon making a bookshelf beautiful brings me joy. So it’s no wonder that I just spent a solid 30 minutes scrolling Jennifer Johnson’s Instagram profile - The Orderly Space. It is swoon-worthy!

For those who know of, watch, and read The Home Edit, The Orderly Space is Washington’s very own version. I’d even venture to say that they have a leg up on The Home Edit team since they don't prescribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to organizing.

“We don't adhere to one organizing philosophy,” says The Orderly Space founder, Jennifer Johnson. "Each client and family is so unique and our approach needs to be adaptable to meet the needs of each project and client.”

Talk about a personalized service! Sign. Me. Up.

Based in Bellingham, Johnson and her team “create luxurious calm by simplifying your home and life” throughout the greater PNW and the evidence is clear, The Orderly Space knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to organization.

Johnson has had a knack for organization for as long as she can remember so when she discovered the world of professional organization she knew she was in her proverbial home. On behalf of us all, I asked Johnson for a bit of advice in regard to getting organized in the coming year.

“Getting organized all boils down to one important step. You just have to start.”

Which, she fully understands, is easier said than done. Hence, the option to hire a professional organizer.

"Clutter and disorganization can be overwhelming, even paralyzing, but for every problem there is a solution and keeping that at the forefront of your organizing efforts will remind you that there is hope. There is also no shame in bringing in the pros when your own efforts leave you pulling out your hair or losing sleep," she said.

Johnson shared that The Orderly Space serves everyone from a busy stay at home mom, to a powerhouse CEO, to a local celebrity.

“Our ideal clients are those that appreciate and strive for organized, orderly spaces, but lack the time to invest in creating the systems We aim to bring the same level of luxury service to all our clients regardless of who they are.”

This past year, The Orderly Space team has seen an upswing in a new kind of organizing. Over and over they have been tasked with turning formerly single-use spaces into multi-functioning ones. They have helped transform dining rooms into remote learning school spaces, playrooms into home gyms, and closets into a home office.

But what exactly does that transformation look like?

“Regardless of whether the project is big or small, the process is always the same,” said Johnson. “Whether a junk drawer or a bedroom-sized closet, everything gets pulled out so that the space can be reevaluated and given a fresh start. When I tour a new client's home, they will have often reached out because they want help with a specific project, but inevitably we end up returning to do multiple spaces because everything within our homes is so intertwined. It's impossible to just tackle the junk drawer without also getting our hands into a dozen other spaces in a home. Which is why pulling everything out and starting fresh is always the first step.”

Don’t you just love The Orderly Space’s philosophy? Their before and after transformations? Their heart to serve the Pacific Northwest in a tangible way?

If organizing is part of your goals, don’t be afraid to reach out to The Orderly Space for a consultation. After all, 2021 deserves a fresh start you might as well start with a professional organizer as you assess the tragedy of your junk drawer.