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This Bellevue Garage House is on sale by Windermere for $4 million. (Image: Tucker English / Windermere)

The $4 million dream house for a car collector

As you flip through the photos in the gallery - the same question will keep popping up: Is this a house? Or a car garage?

There's no right answer other than....both. This 6,740 square foot Bellevue home was and is designed to be a car collector's utopia. Along with two beds and 2.5 baths, the house also has a 16 car showroom inside.

The 'Garage House' is on sale by Windermere for $4 million and features a car lift, office & workshop, great room, bedroom suite, exercise room and a kitchen designed by Snaidero Ferrari.

Just in case you can't be away from your 16 cars for that long, the great room has walls of glass so you can look out at them as you sit and eat, work and play.