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(Image: Empire Floors)

Thanks to Empire, easy and affordable flooring upgrades have never been so simple

If your floor needs an upgrade, you probably think the following two things every time you walk on it:

1.“Wow, this floor really needs an upgrade”

2.“Ugggh that’s such a hassle, and it will probably cost a ton”

The second thought, while natural, might not be as accurate as you think.

Before Empire Today started offering next-day flooring installation, you used to have to schedule your whole week around workers and avoid a key room – or several rooms – in your home. With Empire’s shop-at-home and next-day installation option, you can get the whole project done ,from estimation to completion, in less than 48 hours based on availability.

As far as price goes, there’s a big range and one product in particular has everyone from urban dwellers to suburbanites very excited. LVP, or Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, is a cost-friendly option that looks like a million bucks and works anywhere.

It can mimic the look of hardwood and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

Unlike wood laminate, LVP doesn’t have a wood core that will swell

That means this stuff is seriously waterproof and seriously durable

Cork backing makes it easy on your knees and reduces sound

If you’re thinking “Vinyl? Really?!” we’ve got news for you – this is not the cheap-looking sheet vinyl that spent years yellowing in your grandma’s kitchen. This is remarkably durable and legitimately good-looking stuff.

When Empire transformed Kelly Blake’s condo in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, they took out tired linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen and carpet in the entry, replacing both with LVP. Installing LVP in a warm medium-brown grounded the space, added visual interest and gave the whole condo a more modern look. It looks great, and Kelly still had enough budget left over for a new coat of paint!

If you’re not loving your floors, you can do something about it. After all, Empire makes getting beautiful new floors easy. To learn more about Empire, visit