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Callbox Storage offers storage without the headache.

Spring cleaning? Moving? Let Callbox Storage take a load off your back.

The average U.S. household has 300,000 (!!!) things. That's a lot of stuff.

And when it comes time for moving, renovations, spring cleaning, or even just a change in holiday décor, it's a struggle to find somewhere to keep all of your belongings (and driving to and from storage units is such a hassle).

That's where Callbox Storage can help. This on-demand storage company offers free pick-up AND delivery options for your home or office, taking a ton of stress out of your life and off your back. Their storage sizes range from a cubby (enough for a couple of totes and small boxes) to a full home (enough space for a 2,400 square-foot home), and even larger sizes beyond this.

This simple solution is perfect for anyone who needs an off-site storage solution, whether you're in the midst of downsizing, need more space for business supplies or equipment, a student, or a homeowner who needs to store extra furniture or sports gear.

The Callbox Storage moving team uses moving blankets to keep your items safe in transit, and everything is covered and protected when placed in storage. Your belongings are kept in a secure facility that's monitored 24/7 – so you can ensure your items are safe and protected. Want to double check? Just log into the app and view photos of your stored belongings.

Here's how the entire process works:

1. Click the "Get Started" button on Callbox Storage's website or call one of the Storage Coordinators at 833-937-8673 to make a reservation.

2. Callbox Storage arrives at your location with a vehicle and a team of Storage Professionals ready to pick up your items for storage.

3. They'll inventory all your boxes and furniture items with a unique barcode, photograph every item to be stored, and transport your items to their facility.

4. Whenever you want one or more items delivered, simply login to your Callbox Storage account, make your request and schedule a return delivery. It's that easy!

Callbox Storage offers storage without the headache. Learn more and get a free quote at or by calling 833-937-8673.