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The Small Copper Spica by Iacoli & McAllister is a great shiny accent piece. I love the geometric shape. (Image: Iacoli & McAllister)

Shiny Object Hunting in Seattle

About the time I started getting serious with my own blog, I started reading a lot of interior design blogs. I've clocked many hours clicking through stylish urban lofts, minimalistic vacation homes, and brightly colored paintings and dishes that do wonders for livening up muted color palettes.

These days I find myself with less and less time to scroll through the pages of loveliness that live on certain corners of the internet, but I still have a few favorites that I always make time for and catch every post. One of those is sfgirlbybay, a beautiful interior design blog by San Francisco writer Victoria Smith. This woman has impeccable taste and style. If you're into bright white interiors with a Scandinavian flair, you should definitely take a look. Last week Victoria featured a roundup of shiny objects, a 2014 design trend that Pacific Northwest design publication Gray Magazine highlighted in their year-end issue. Seattle's Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley featured some shine in a recent interiors post as well, using the space of local lifestyle expert and designer Kelley Moore for inspiration.

Personally, I haven't owned anything brass or gold since the bed that I had in fifth grade. I remember twirling around the shiny gold bed frame while I listened to Sleeping Beauty. The bed also proved to be a great place for building a spaceship. I've been known to create glittery gold textures in Photoshop, but when it comes to the physical things that live in my home I'm more iMac silver when it comes to metals. But I'm willing to experiment.

Since shine in design seems to be popping up everywhere, I thought it would be fun to scavenge for shiny things in Seattle while we wait for the gray days to fade away. I checked in with Digs, Iacoli & McAllister, and NuBe Green. And guess what? They all stocked shine.